Banjo (and the Rig)’s First Ferry Ride

Here’s a slide show (of sorts) of our ferry ride today, since it was a first for Banjo, the trailer, and me with a vehicle. I was all ridiculously excited; Banjo not at all.

We boarded the ferry at Port Townsend, and we got off at the Coupeville Ferry Dock. Many people went on from there to San Juan Island, but we continued driving north to Anacortes.

First in line for the ferry! We had to disconnect the propane first.

Driving in. Tracy did so like a pro while I took photos like a n00b.

We were in row one of two, with no one in front.

Once everyone was loaded, we got out and walked up to the upper decks and got a great view of the Airstream roof. Man, do the solar panels and skylights need washing. Plus, we’re not sure one of the special vent covers we got delivered to Finn’s house is going to fit!

Cool view of the kayaks, but look closer:

Banjo was not happy with the ferry horn or the rocking. We kept her in eyesight and eventually walked down to reassure her because she started whining and threatening to get in the front seat.

We did actually look at things other than our own rig and dog. As we made the passage, we saw a minke whale briefly. Squee!

We were a little worried Banjo would no longer like the truck now that she knows it rocks (like she no longer likes the furnace now that she associates it with the propane alarm), but she settled down fine once we got back on the road. Good girl, Banjo!

4 thoughts to “Banjo (and the Rig)’s First Ferry Ride”

  1. aww, good doggo Banjo! – it takes a minute to get “sea legs”… don’t know about now in covid times but there used to be regular buskers on the ferries, sea shanties and more (but I never saw a ukelele). I lived out there for five years and rode ferries every chance I got 🙂