Canadians …

We’re more than halfway through our summer tour of Canada (well, let’s count this as more like a first-time swing through), and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

Okay, in truth this is a photo dump before we leave Saskatchewan for Manitoba tomorrow, and I hate not to have text with images. So, here goes with stuff you may disagree with, stuff that is so obvious it’s silly … just, stuff from my head.

In campgrounds, at least, Canadians:

  • Play boules (not corn hole). FYI, it’s quieter.
  • Hang out in large groups at their campsite talking at a reasonable volume (not shrieking in yankee tones).
  • On their motor boats, if they blast any music, it’s The Beach Boys singing about the USA (not Lynyrd Skynyrd singing about the South).
  • Charge you for firewood whether you want it or not (but then leave a little pile at the front of your campsite every evening).
  • Ignore the weather forecast and instead “tarp” all over their campsites (tie tarps from anything available to create shade and rain protection) and carry on no matter the weather.
  • Politely reference your license plate with, “My, you’re far from home!” (without launching into questions about Texas that you can’t answer because you’re not actually from there).
  • Eat gravy with their French fries (seriously, not just as poutine, but, when you get a side of fries, it comes with a little dipping bucket of gravy). (True, I learned this away from the campground.)
  • Call campground bathrooms “service centers” and don’t even notice when you snicker.
  • Decorate their campsites minimally, and when you compliment them on a actual campsite sign, they come by later to give it to you.

I like this Tiki Bar sign so much (don’t talk to me about how much fun I make of these!) that I’ve tried it in several places in our campsite just here. Manitoba, here comes the Airstream Tiki Bar.

2 thoughts to “Canadians …”

  1. I love that someone gave you their Tiki sign! And it’s interesting to read the little ways two neighbours differ, it’s actually more interesting than the big philosophical stuff!

    1. The big philosophical stuff I just need to get out of my head somehow – just ignore all that. 🙂 Yes, the tiki sign is darling!