Oh Lord, I’m Stuck in Lodi, Again.

I’m stuck in Livingston, not Lodi (that’s from a CCR song, if it didn’t ring a bell for you). This morning we had to re-up our camping site for seven more days because we don’t know how long it will take for the truck to get fixed.

Let’s see. What will we do for seven days? From this faded map of the campground, you can tell the answer here is: not much.

We do have full water and sewer hook-ups, so we can use water with abandon. I have been washing everything I can think of inside the trailer, and Tracy has been detaching the p-traps in the sinks and shower and cleaning them. And I’ve been showering about every other day, glory be!

We’ve also been catching up on paperwork, including my mystery problem with the IRS regarding my mom’s estate taxes.

I have to sit outside in the tent to get good enough cell reception to stay on hold for the hour it takes to get someone on the phone (I’ve done that about four times now), but sitting out in the tent ain’t so bad.

I’m on hold right now as I write this, as a matter of fact.

Today Tracy’s going to clean some vents, and I may walk the sheets and towels over to the laundry building. Ain’t we exciting?

If the truck takes several more days, we may be stuck inside when it rains later this week, so I expect to be doing more workouts in the trailer. I always have fun views.

And perhaps I’ll make friends with the CEO of Escapees Club North America. Turns out he’s the owner of the mystery (not) abandoned Airstream that’s a rare twin to ours parked directly across the path.

Yesterday he and a friend were out looking at it, and they waved at me (Airstreamers do that), so I walked over in the full glory of my sweaty workout clothes, completely red in the face from a workout in the tent, to say Howdy.

The Airstream owner said he was moving the trailer so they could grade the site, since it’s not level (I didn’t mention the gaping ditch in front of ours that is kind of a much bigger deal). But wait, he said he’s getting the site graded?

“Do you own this site?” I ask.

“We’ll, kind of. I work for Escapees. In fact I’m the CEO.”


We have a short, pleasant conversation, and when I step inside to tell Tracy my Gladys Kravitz find, he knows the guy right away. Big company, apparently.

Next time I see him, do I complain about this weirdest of all places I’ve ever been that he’s in charge of? Nah. I think I’ll talk Airstreams. Clearly he’s a huge fan, as all the marketing for the company features Airstreams, despite them being a small minority of RVs on the road and in the club.

Well, I have seven more days stuck in Livingston, again, so maybe I’ll Gladys Kravitz my way into finding out all kinds of stuff. And next time I might even be clean when I do that!

4 thoughts to “Oh Lord, I’m Stuck in Lodi, Again.”

  1. you use this reference like people know who she is ” Gladys Kravitz “. and here i thought I was the only Gladys around? S’up with the truck of trucks?